Here at Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre we recognise the need for all levels of business to actively implement changes for now and the future. We work hard to bring about environmentally friendly changes throughout the centre to ensure we, and our tenants, have opportunities to contribute to a better, cleaner future.

Our tenants and local community reap the rewards of the environmental initiatives put in place at the Centre.

Green Eco Bags

Supporting the single-use plastic bag ban across the state, the Centre purchased a supply of green eco bags to give to customers of Victoria Point Lakeside to assist our community with making the transition from single-use plastic bags.

Our foldable shopping bags are convenient and fit easily into your pocket or bag to carry with you all the time. Bags are available free to our customers from businesses throughout the centre while stocks last.

Organic Waste Recycling

With over 20 eateries on site, organic waste was an important factor to be considered in our sustainability program. Offering a solution that diverts this food waste from landfill is vital to ongoing sustainability efforts at the Centre. We provide at-door organic waste collections from our cafes and restaurants. This waste is then disposed of on site in our Pulp Master machine.

Pulp Master Machine are designed to process food waste into organic compost, which is then collected and used off site.

For every tonne of organic food waste diverted from landfill we are:

  • helping to create 1.022m3 of organic compost
  • saving 1.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions
  • saving 1.85m3of landfill space
  • saving 7603km of passenger car travel