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In 1993, Joy and Ron Vess began a domestic cleaning business, Absolute Domestics. With a mindset of trying to start a business that’s new and fresh as well as one that would provide work and help people in their day-to-day lives, they set up a company that has grown over the years.

Absolute Domestics is a recruitment and referral agency for domestic cleaners, who clean, wash, iron and tidy for families, professional couples and busy people trying to juggle it all. With offices throughout Australia and New Zealand we provide flexible work for people wanting to be their own boss and work close to home.

As a business, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service for both our clients and cleaners. We have a stringent process to recruit, screen and select our domestic cleaners to provide excellent quality services.

For cleaners, there are a number of benefits for registering with the Agency, including flexible and secure part time or full time work options and great working conditions with Absolute Domestics.

For clients, you can be assured your cleaner has all the necessary tools to do an absolutely fabulous job!

Absolute Domestics Social Media Community Guidelines:

Absolute Domestics has created its social media channels as a hub for people interested in all things cleaning! This includes existing, previous or potential customers of the Agency, existing, previous or potential registered cleaners with the Agency or simply anyone that enjoys the content we share on our site.

Our Facebook page contains lots of great hints and tips on cleaning, humorous content and general information relating to home and family.

On this moderated site we encourage positive and respectful conversation in a safe environment, ultimately promoting goodwill within our community. Open discussion and expressions of opinion are welcomed and we ask that everyone interacting on our page acts responsibly and fair.

If you have a formal complaint about a domestic cleaning service you have received from the Agency, or from your dealings with our company, please contact us directly on 1300364646 or email feedback@absolutedomestics.com.au so that we can correctly identify the details of your booking and respond to you accordingly.

As part of our community guidelines, please be aware that posts will be deleted if they contain:

– violent, obscene, profane, hateful, derogatory, illegal or racist comments, content, links or images or incite such comment or behaviour

– comments that threaten or defame any person or organisation

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– material which infringes third party intellectual property rights

– any other inappropriate content or comments as determined in Absolute Domestics discretion

Thank you for abiding to these terms and conditions of use. We look forward to interacting with you and look forward to you becoming a fan of our page!

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