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Enso Yoga
Enso Yoga

We want to pioneer a hybrid form of yoga and associated exercise that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. It is with the use of yoga, pilates and massage that we aim to counteract the psychologically and physically harmful effects of stress and modern living. We want to put back what life has taken out of our practitioners.

At ensō we aim to provide a calming, healing, and rejuvenating experience for class participants from all walks of life. Whether you are new to yoga, new to hot yoga, or are an experienced practitioner, ensō will offer something of benefit for your physical and mental health.

In our busy 21st century lives, our days are filled with working, driving, cleaning, caring, errands, chores, activity and busyness. What our day lacks is quietude, peace, an inward focus, and repose. Find this at ensō, and put back what life takes out.

In an increasingly busy and technological world, we are spending more and more time sitting: at a computer, behind a desk, or at the steering wheel. Our bodies need to move, strengthen and stretch in a way that is non-harming and beneficial to our physical and mental health. Find this at ensō, and put back what life takes out.

At our Victoria Point studio we offer yoga and hot yoga classes as well as core strengthening and remedial and relaxation massage. We have a great community, beautiful studio and talented, experienced instructors and therapists who practice and teach in our studio. We specialise in helping the beginner to get started on their journey towards better health and wellbeing. Try our Introductory Week TODAY and learn why so many people are talking about ensō.

At ensō, we believe that yoga is for everyone. It will be fun but challenging at times, and you will leave the studio with a feeling of peacefulness and wellbeing.

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