Kim Richards MP Member for Redlands

Kim Richards MP at at Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre where you can Eat, Shop, Work and Play. Find Cineplex, Lincraft, ALDI, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty services, accountants, cafes, butcher, gardening and auto equipment and services, gyms, pool services, Redland Library, doctors, tattoo artists, vet hospital and more.
Kim Richards MP Member for Redlands


I would like to tell you a little bit about me.

Over 20 years ago I moved to the Redlands with my family. We chose the Redlands because it provided the lifestyle and amenities we were looking for in a place we could call home – we found exactly what we wanted here in Redlands.

My son went to a local school where he received a great education.

He has now left home and is embarking on his journey in the film and media industry. It was growing up in the community we love that gave my son the confidence and passion to pursue his dream, a career in film.

While he needed to leave the Redlands to chase his dreams, he still returns regularly to the place he calls home.

I was fortunate also to develop a successful career in the architecture and design industry, an industry I am passionate about.

I gained a strong expertise as Chief Operating Officer in the management of large architectural practice both in Queensland and nationally.

I have strong skills in management direction, positive productivity, strategic vision development and implementation and, importantly, I have real-world business experience.

However, it hasn’t all been just about work for me.

I’ve been actively involved in community organisations across South East Queensland. I am a director of the local Zonta Wynnum Redlands, proud supporters of many Redland women and girls. I am an active member of the Property Council of Australia through their Diversity Committee, and on the management board of Q-Shelter. I worked actively with a local community organisation, Group61 and, in 2015, I established a volunteer pilot program at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital assisting patients in the recovery process transition from hospital back to the community.

I am sharing this information with you so you know I have the experience, the knowledge, and the passion to work hard and get things done.

I am passionate about stronger, resilient communities, improving healthcare, education and providing better outcomes for people and place.

I am standing as the Labor candidate for Redlands in the next election because I care about our Redlands community. I care about better outcomes for the people who, like me, have chosen to make Redlands their home. This is a beautiful area and I want to see better outcomes for our people and our region.

For too long we haven’t seen changes for the better.

Our local MP hasn’t been strong and hasn’t been able to instigate improvements for our people and place. Even when the LNP held Government our local MPs couldn’t deliver the changes we needed to see in our region, particularly our roads and infrastructure to support the rapid development we have seen in recent years.

I believe it is time for a change.

I come with a fresh perspective, I know I can deliver the outcomes we need. Our community matters to me and the team of people I have in place around me.

We have spent many months talking with people in our community who have told us their top issues are roads infrastructure; policing and community safety; restoring frontline health and education services; and funding for the Donald Simpson Community Centre.

I agree.

As a daily commuter on the roads of Redlands to leave the city for work I know how important better roads are, and how much time this would put back into families.

I want to ensure our community has access to great healthcare and education services.

Community safety matters to me and my family. I want to know people in our community they are safe and that they can access services that are relevant to them, when they need them.

I want to know your top issues? Do you agree with others I have spoken with? Or do you have other issues that matter to you? I would like to know what matters to you and your family.

We can continue to have the same inaction we have had for the past 8 years or you can give me a go.

I promise you I will make a difference. I will be tireless in the pursuit of great outcomes for our community. I have the knowledge, the experience, the ability and, most importantly, the tenacity and passion to get things done.

I need your help to create change.

Contact me by email at to talk about any ideas, concerns or suggestions you have.

Together we can make Redlands the place to live in Queensland.

Shop H20, Level 1 Building H Victoria Point Lakeside Shopping Centre 11-13 Bunker Road Victoria Point QLD 4165